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Open Play Available EXCEPT during Private Events and other closings. Open is available EVERYDAY on a first-come, first-serve basis and capacity controlled.  Below are Private events, changes to open play hours and other closings.  (if applicable):   

Mon – Thurs 10/19-10/243 – open play 10-1pm and 4-6pm.

Fri. 10/24 – open play 10-1pm and 4-8pm

Sat. 10/25 – open play 11-8pm. Private Event 10-11am

Sun. 10/26 – open play 12-6pm.




 Wednesday Open Play - Effective 9/10/14-4/30/2015 – Open play $6.50 plus tax (1hr jump time). Excludes: All Federal gov’t holidays, scheduled PG County school closings, winter, and spring breaks. Regular rates will apply. 2hr open play available at regular rates.

8/27 – 6/2015 – Fall/Winter Weekday Open Play hours: 10-1pm and 4-7pm (Mon-Thurs, Fri 10-1 and 4-8pm). Open play hours subject to change based on participation.  Exceptions: Some Fed Gov’t holidays, PG County scheduled school closings, winter, spring and summer breaks, open play is available all day!  Parties and groups can be scheduled anytime.


Attention: Open play IS NOT available during Private Events. We only post Private Events on our website. We may have other events scheduled. Open play is available on a first-come, first-serve basis and always subject to SCHEDULED events (Private and Semi-Private). Open play can’t be reserved. During busy times, you might experience a wait. Also, we reserve the right to reduce open play to 1 hr. The fee is $8.33 for 1hr of play during these times.  Additionally, we allow 2 free adults per child. A fee of $4.00 plus tax is charged for additional adults.  Additional adults can’t wait in lobby for open play guests. If you are not attending or having a scheduled party at Joyful Jumps, you are not allowed to bring gifts, goodie bags, and other party favors in the building. We do not store party favors, etc. unless you are having a scheduled party at Joyful Jumps.